Learning curve: Corporate Treasury

This section introduces the reader to the general structure and purpose of Corporate Treasury from the perspective of a practitioner.

Transactions and Cash Management

This section introduces the importance of managing transactions and accounts ensuring funds and documents flows while minimizing cost and inefficiencies. We also introduce the concept of the Financial Supply Chain and its management.

Balance Sheet and Liquidity Management

The firm’s Balance Sheet and managing its capital are key areas under the Treasurer’s ambit. The efficient management of the Supply Chain and the various components that fund each stage of it, especially Working Capital and Supply-chain financing, has become a critical aspect of managing global corporations. These important and exciting areas are covered in this section, as are emerging areas of opportunity and focus.

Markets and Risk Management

This section approaches the aspects of markets and Risk in a unique bottom-up manner. While much literature exists on ‘Markets’ and 'Risk Management' in particular, this area will focus on Risk management purely from the standpoint of a global corporate, and use the approach that the author has taken while advising firms on how to manage their market-related risk.

The Toolkit

The Toolkit is a logical conclusion to the material in this book. In this, actual practical and implementational tools are found that the reader may derive from to put in use on the job.